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Electrical and computer engineering majors explore the ins and outs of communications systems, computers, electronics, microelectronics, and signal processing and power systems. Watch the video


About the Department

UA's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers dynamic programs for students interested in a traditional electrical engineering degree or those who desire a specialization in computer engineering. Electrical engineering students become immersed in at least two core areas of communications systems, computers, control systems, electromagnetics, electronics and microelectronics, power and energy systems, and signal processing. Students in the computer engineering option specialize in the software and hardware components of modern computing systems.

Electrical and computer engineering graduates have career opportunities in a number of industries and fields, such as computing, telecommunications, manufacturing, utilities, aerospace, automotive, military, medical and consumer products. Electrical and computer engineers also design and operate a wide array of complex technological systems, including power generation and distribution systems and modern computer-controlled manufacturing plants. Read more...

Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees

Undergraduate: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Computer Option), Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Math, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Physics

Graduate: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy