The Alabama Productivity Center is working with Mazda-Toyota Manufacturing in Huntsville to fill a couple of ECE/CS internships for summer 2024.

Dates: May 13 – August 9

Pay Range: $16 – $21

Hours: Full-time 40 hours/week

Location: Huntsville, Alabama

GPA: 3.0 and above


Apply here:


Manufacturing Systems Enhancement Project

Overview: The project targets improved efficiency and lower maintenance costs by implementing advanced data processing and monitoring techniques in Stamping, Body Weld (DISCO), and Paint Engineering.

1. Body Weld DISCO System Optimization:

  • Title: Body Weld DISCO System Upgrade
  • Description: Develop and implement predictive maintenance, change point alerts, and robust data backup for the new Body Weld Discovery Data Processing system. This system efficiently collects and stores vital data, enabling proactive analysis through predictive maintenance models.
  • Objectives:
    1. Develop a system for alerting personnel about specific change points.
    2. Build a predictive maintenance model to anticipate and prevent robot failures.

2. Panel Board Optimization for Energy Efficiency:

  • Title: Panel Board Energy Efficiency Upgrade
  • Description: Intern-led monitoring of energy usage and a comprehensive study on panel boards throughout the manufacturing shop. Explore options to split power consumption into Apollo, Discovery, and Common areas.
  • Objectives:
    1. Monitor and accurately split power consumption for correct billing in the Paint Engineering department.
    2. Ensure continuous process monitoring to prevent sudden rises in energy consumption between production lines.


  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs via predictive maintenance models.
  • Improved energy efficiency and accurate billing through optimized power consumption in Paint Engineering.
  • Enhanced overall manufacturing system performance with data-driven insights and alerts.

Note: This project integrates advancements in data processing for Stamping and Body Weld with energy optimization in the Paint Engineering department, streamlining manufacturing operations