The UA Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering features nationally-accredited programs, affording students the flexibility to shape their academic goals to suit developing interests.



UA’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers dynamic programs for students interested in electrical engineering, computer engineering, or musical audio engineering. Also see the Accelerated Master’s Program designed specifically for outstanding students to shorten the time it takes to earn a degree by simultaneously completing the requirements for a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in electrical engineering.

Electrical Engineering, BS

The electrical engineering program prepares students for dynamic careers in the varied areas of power generation, communication systems, manufacturing controls, signals processing, and control systems.

Computer Engineering, BS

The computer engineering option gives students a broad knowledge of the software and hardware components of modern computing systems, detailed computer-systems design, and the role of computer systems in various engineering disciplines.

Musical Audio Engineering, BS

The musical audio engineering degree program is designed to prepare students for the broadest spectrum of recording studio operations; the equipment used in recording studios; live recording environments; in-depth understanding of equipment design, maintenance, and operations; and detailed knowledge of signal processing for audio applications.


Electrical Engineering, Minor

A student should apply for the Electrical Engineering (EE) minor prior to achieving senior standing in order to have sufficient time to complete all requirements.

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International Programs

The College of Engineering proudly supports study abroad through a variety of innovative and exciting programs, including these faculty-led summer programs.

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Honors Program

UA’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers an undergraduate electrical and computer engineering honors program for students who desire to be challenged by both independent and team projects and receive additional distinction with their undergraduate degrees.

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Accelerated Master’s Program

The Accelerated Master’s Program is designed specifically for outstanding students to complete the requirements for both their bachelor’s degree and a master of science in electrical engineering in an accelerated five year period.

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