UA’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers an undergraduate electrical and computer engineering honors program for students who desire to be challenged by both independent and team projects and receive additional distinction with their undergraduate degrees. This individually tailored program culminates with the awarding of an Electrical and Computer Engineering Honors Certificate and recognition at the Honors Day Ceremony in the student’s senior year.

Apply to join the Electrical and Computer Engineering Honors Program. Applications are also available in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering main office.


Students may earn up to 6 hours of honors credit in appropriate regularly scheduled JUNIOR and SENIOR level courses through satisfactory completion of the terms of an Honors By Contract. This contract requires a prospectus, prepared by the student consultation with his/her professor and with the Honors Program Director. The prospectus must be approved by the Professor, his/her Department Head, and the Honors Program Director.

Honors By Contract Form


  • Undergraduate students may enroll in the program at any time provided that their cumulative grade point average is 3.3 or above.
  • Entering freshman may enroll in the program if their composite ACT score is 28 or above, or SAT score is 1240 or above.
  • Transfer students may enroll in the program if they have an ACT score of 28 or above or SAT score of 1240 or above, and have attained a college cumulative grade point average of 3.3 or higher from their previous institution.
  • Continued participation in the program requires maintenance at The University of Alabama of a cumulative grade point average of 3.3 or above.


Completion of all requirements for the B.S. degree in Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering.

Maintenance of a 3.30 GPA in all ECE courses, as well as a 3.3 overall GPA in all undergraduate coursework.

Completion of all requirements associated with an appropriate University-wide honors program (University Honors Program, Computer-Based Honors Program, or the International Honors Program) as outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Completion of 12 semester hours of approved courses selected from a combination of the following:

  • At least 6 of these hours must be from courses in Electrical and Computer Engineering.
  • Up to 6 credit hours of courses from an appropriate University-wide program may be counted as ECE honors credit.
  • At least 3 ECE hours must be earned from completion of an honors research or design project (ECE 498 and 499, 1 to 3 credits each). Honors Research Project culminates in preparation of an honors undergraduate thesis. Honors Design Project culminates in written report, presentation, and defense of a design.
  • Undergraduate Honors Seminar (ECE 495, 496, 1 credit hour each) can be used for ECE honors credit.

ECE Honors credit hours may, under appropriate circumstances and with prior approval, count as ECE Electives or Professional Electives for electrical engineering students; or ECE Electives, Restricted Area Electives, or Professional Electives for computer engineering students.