Our research focuses on fundamental science of light matter interactions and applications of photonic devices, metamaterials, and THz photonics in sensing, imaging, communication, and information technology. Research topics include design and simulation of metamaterial/metasurface, micro and nano fabrication, electromagnetic simulation, flat optics, Solar Sail, polarimetry, THz biomedical imaging and spectroscopy, quantum information and network, flexible THz/mm-wave devices, THz/mm-wave communication, ultrafast laser spectroscopy, and neuro-photonics. The laboratory is also heavily involved in research and development of multi-sensor LiDAR system and integration for underwater imaging, bathymetry, and remote sensing. Our application of photonics, metamaterials, THz technologies are targeted for future diagnostics platform, quantum sensing, quantum network, 6G/7G and beyond, AI aided bio-imaging, space exploration, underwater imaging, and understanding brain. Our research has been funded by DoD, DoE, NASA, NOAA, NSF.