MMDL focuses on three areas: Electromagnetics/Electrodynamics, Electric Machines, and Computational Materials Science. Current projects in the electromagnetics and electrodynamics area are 5G/6G antennas, miniaturized AM/FM ferrite antennas, dual-polarized antennas for UAV, and EMI/EMC. Current electric machine projects are permanent magnet (PM) synchronous motor and efficiency-shifting PM motor for electric vehicles. Current projects in the computational materials science area include RE-free soft and hard magnets, wide bandgap semiconductors, and thermoelectrics. Research tools include HFSS, ANSYS Maxwell, WIEN2k, VASP, MuMax3, LLG micromagnetic simulation, ATAT, and BoltzTrap. MMDL holds 21 US patents, published 170 refereed journal papers, and presented more than 240 papers.