Teaching and research are linked–the skills and technology utilized in research projects are transferred to students in the classrooms and laboratories.

UA’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering conducts research projects worth several million dollars annually. Faculty and their students are conducting research in three core electrical and computer engineering areas: devices and materials, electromechanical systems, and embedded systems.

Devices and Materials

This research area focuses on the development and application of materials for specific electro-technologies. This may include electronic materials and their application to semiconductors or the magnetic materials for electromagnetic devices such as antennae and electric machinery.

Electromechanical Systems

This research area focuses on the design, development, and control of systems consisting of both electrical and mechanical components and can typically be thought of as motion control systems. In addition, traditional power and energy systems fall within this general research thrust.

Embedded Systems

This research area is focused on computing systems in many applications, not just desktop computing. Examples include industrial process controllers, cellular telephones, and aerospace systems.